About Us

About Us

Vertex Global is the best consultancy company with an aim to create strategies in order to build more effective organization of it’s clients with providing the consulting for businesses to take the right decisions with moderate costs and to guide you in taking vital decisions to expand the business. Basically, we want our clients to lead towards their goals, enter the new markets and earn profits.

We proudly introduce ourselves as a company which aims in transforming dreams into reality for aspiring entrepreneurs and SME’ since last five years. Having more than hundreds of successful clients, our team of professionals who are pioneers in business formations helps you not only to establish your own company but also provide you with complete & customized package of business management solutions.

Our client centric approach where we believe that our development is the result of our customer’s growth makes us provide the best level of service to all our customers and this will make you experience that you are with right hands.

We are an establishment with a strategic vision of business incorporation & management services – our services doesn’t end with the issuance of your trade license & visas – it begins there!!!


Our Team:


Vidisha Kumbhar
Managing Partner


Chetan Kumbhar
Managing Partner


Terence Correia


Rashid Lokman
General Manager (Legal Advisor)


Reet Matani
Business Development Manager


Demast Jose


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