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Offshore Company Formation in Dubai & the UAE

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Why Opt For A Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Privacy, confidentiality, international accessibility, and liberal policies are a few of the advantages that foreign investors and business owners can enjoy through an offshore company setup in UAE.

There are two jurisdictions in the UAE that are especially founded to cater to offshore companies: Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA, Dubai) and Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone (RAK Free Zone).

Offshore companies in Dubai lend investors, stakeholders, partners, and owners a variety of benefits that are not available to other types of companies or business structures. These benefits generally include the following:

  • Privacy – Most offshore jurisdictions and corporate centres in Dubai do not require establishments to divulge internal information that would otherwise be required in other corporate jurisdictions. Details such as the identities of company owners, the business’s gross revenue, and exact figures of profits and losses are kept private, leading to better security for owners and directors.
  • Tax exemption – Unlike other Dubai businesses, offshore companies are often excluded from capital gains and income taxes, effectively reducing business overhead while increasing profits.
  • Limited requirements – The setup requirements for forming a company offshore are often less compared to typical business structures, which means more cost-savings and less setup time.
  • Complete ownership – In the UAE, foreign investors are required to have local partners in order to establish a local presence, except in designated free zones. Offshore jurisdictions allow foreign entrepreneurs to establish a business and enjoy 100 per cent ownership, leading to complete ownership of the profits as well.

Given all these advantages, an offshore company formation in Dubai is the most suitable type of enterprise if you are seeking to realise objectives and/or activities such as any of the following:

  • Provide professional services, consultancy, and/or act as an agency
  • Source foreign talent / expatriate staff
  • Function as a Property Owning & Investment Company
  • International trade
  • Captive insurance
  • Tax exemption

However, offshore companies in UAE are not permitted to engage in the following business activities:

  • Finance
  • Insurance and Re-insurance
  • Aviation
  • Media
  • Branch set-up
  • Any business activity with onshore companies based in UAE

Business Advantages Of A Dubai Offshore Company Formation

  • Absolute confidentiality and privacy; no disclosure of shareholders and accounts required
  • 100 per cent complete ownership by a foreign national; no local sponsor or partner required
  • 100 per cent exemption from corporate tax for 50 years; this option is renewable
  • 100 per cent exemption from personal income tax
  • 100 per cent exemption from import and re-export duties
  • Protection and management of assets
  • Business operations can be executed on an international level
  • No restrictions on foreign talent or employees
  • No restrictions on currencies and no exchange policies
  • Office space is not required
  • Ability to open and maintain bank accounts in the UAE and overseas
  • Ability to invoice local and international clients from UAE
  • Incorporation can be completed in less than a week
  • Investors are not required to appear before authority to facilitate incorporation

Our expertise in Dubai offshore company setup

Vertex Global Consultants provides specialised offshore company setup solutions to help foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations establish a local presence in the UAE. We have a team of business consultants and company setup experts who can take care of the entire process for business formation in Dubai on your behalf.

We offer comprehensive company formation services for offshore businesses, which include registration and incorporation, opening of bank accounts, renewal and structuring of the company, providing registered address and agents, acquiring approval for your offshore company name and activities, and submitting documents to the concerned Free Zone authority.

Our end-to-end solutions allow for quick, cost-effective, and seamless offshore company formation in UAE, minimising costs and getting your venture operational as fast as possible. We have key account managers who can provide focused and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, resulting in value-driven packages and customer-centric services.

Do you have plans to set up an offshore company in Dubai or RAK? Our team of specialists will be happy to help you take the first step and ensure you are in full compliance with all local requirements. Our professional company formation services are designed to fast-track the progress of your business set-up and enable you to access the benefits of an offshore company as soon as possible.

From opening bank accounts to finding office spaces, we at Vertex Global Consultants can make sure you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free business setup process.

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