How to setup a business in Dubai Mainland – business setup costs and requirements in Dubai

How to setup a business in Dubai Mainland – business setup costs and requirements in Dubai

You have chosen to setup on the mainland, and you have to consider the Costs, requirements, the best consultancy services to use, and how you can start your journey to profitable business setup in the world’s economic hub. However, from my experience working with several business setup consultants in Dubai for many years, I want you to pay critical attention to this vital information as regards the costs and requirements that you will need to start your business on the Mainland

Dubai Mainland business setup costs and requirements

The costs and requirements you need to consider when you want to setup a business on the mainland will depend on the nature of your business; whether you want to run it as a commercial, industrial or a service-oriented type of business.

Generally, the cost to setup your business for a PJSC is around AED 30 million while for a PrJSC, it will require a minimum amount of AED 5million one-time payment. There are no specific requirements by UAE commercial company law to establish any other type of business aside from this, and you can employ the services of a reputable business setup company that will guide you on the recent practices and structure.

Another requirement that you need to setup a business in Dubai mainland is the Nationality and partner agent.

Nationality of business partners

Only citizens of the UAE are allowed to set up the following business on the mainland. That is to say; if you want to set up any of the types of business listed below, you must be a UAE national and sole or corporate owner depending on your agreements.

  • Simple Commandite companies
  • Joint liability company
  • Industrial or commercial type sole proprietorship
  • SME license
  • License for home-based businesses

However, if you are a foreign national, you can set up the following business in partnership with a UAE national who would act as your sponsor for the business setup.

  • Setup a Limited Liability Company
  • Public Joint Stock company with at least five UAE Nationals as partners
  • PrJSC Companies
  • Engineering company
  • Professional sole company (Requires a Local service agent only)
  • A civil company that has no engineering functions (Local service agent only)
  • A branch of a foreign company (Local service agent only)

A local service agent is a citizen of UAE who would assist you to obtain the required license and other government procedures. You can as well seek help to choose the Best Local agent for your business setup.

Take the bold step today and Seek further with a Dubai business consultant today.

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