Health Clinic License in Dubai

Health Clinic License in Dubai

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is world’s leader in many things and population growth in the country is one of them. Many expats from around the world look forward to move to UAE for better employment and investment opportunities and therefore the expected growth rate of the population of the country is expected between 5 to 8 percent per year.

This increasing population will also open investment opportunities in many utility industries and medical facilities is one of them. The rulers of the country also emphasize on ensuring best healthcare facility for the residents and this provides an opportunity for players in the healthcare industry around the world to explore the benefits by tapping into the healthcare industry in UAE. It is important to note that here that the UAE has a lower ratio of doctors and medical facilities in comparison to other developed countries and therefore there is a huge scope of growth considering the rapid urbanization and growing population. This article shall provide brief guidance on how can a prospective investor can start his own clinic/ policlinic in Dubai.

The Regulatory Authority

All the issues related to healthcare services in Dubai are supervised and regulated by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). This authority established in 2007 with an aim to regulate medical professionals, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare service providers in Dubai and to supervise their operation. All the entities wish to start their clinic in Dubai are mandatorily required to obtain the approvals from DHA. The whole process for obtaining a license for opening a clinic/ polyclinic can be divided into following steps:

  1. Reservation of Trade Name
  2. Initial approval from Department of Economic Development (DED)
  3. Initial approval from DHA
  4. Executing Documents
  5. Final Approval from DED
  6. License by DHA

The below paragraphs shall briefly describe the steps involved in obtaining license for opening a clinic/ polyclinic in Dubai.

Step – 1: Reservation of Trade name

The investor shall decide a trade name under which he want to open a clinic and obtain a license from the appropriate authorities. The investor needs to file an online application with DED for reservation of trade name. Once, the trade name is registered he can initiate the further process for setting up a clinic.

Step – 2: Initial approval from DED

Once the trade name is reserved, the investor needs to file an application with DED for obtaining initial approval for setting up a clinic. He needs to file an application along with various documents including his passport copy. The layout plan of clinic shall also require approval from Dubai municipality.

Step – 3: Initial approval from DHA

After obtaining approval from DED, the investor must apply to DHA for obtaining the license with documents like feasibility report for proposed clinic.

Step – 4: Executing Documents

The investor shall prepare and execute the documents including Memorandum and Articles of Association, lease agreements etc. for purpose of registering a limited liability company (LLC) with DED.

Step – 5: Final approval from DED

The investor shall submit all the executed documents along with copy of receipt of initial approval and payment of fee for registering the LLC with DED. The DED shall verify the documents and issue the trade license in the name of clinic.

Step – 6: License by DHA

The investor shall create his user id on DHA portal to apply online for obtaining DHA License. He will be required to furnish the details of medical professionals and licensed consultant to work under the proposed clinic. The DHA shall verify the same and issue a license for starting a clinic.

The Government of UAE is committed to provide best healthcare services to its residents are continuously striving for achieving this objective. This article shall help prospective investors to have a brief idea about the procedure for setting up a clinic in Dubai.

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